Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Citroen C Metisse Diesel Hybrid Sports Car: A New Beginning Beckons

Paris Motor Show is the place to be for all car fanatics. Starting 30th September, this show is all set to rock with numerous stunning cars and Citroen C-Metisse Diesel Hybrid Sports car is another one causing astir.

This Diesel /Hybrid from Citroen is powered by a 205 hp diesel V6 engine on the front wheels , two electric motors on the rear wheels and does 0 to 60mph in 6.2 seconds .

Being a concept car there is no surety that we will see this car burning the roads but this concept could soon be seen assuming more realistic proportions for Peugeot 307 and Citroen C4.

Technical characteristics:
Length:4,740 mm
Width: 2,000 mm
Height: 1,240 mm
Wheelbase: 3,000 mm
Gross vehicle weight (GVW): 1,400 kg (batteries included)
• Performance and fuel consumption
0 to 400 m: 14.2 seconds
0 to 1,000 m: 25.4 seconds
0 - 100 kph: 6.2 seconds
30 - 60 kph: 1.9 seconds
80 - 120 kph: 4.2 secondsTop speed: 250 kphCombined consumption: 6.5 l/100 km
CO2 emissions: 174 g/km
• Diesel hybrid drivetrain
V6 HDi diesel engine developing 150 kW (208 bhp) with a DPFS and 6-speed automatic transmissionTwo electric motors in the rear wheels:
- each with torque of 400 Nm
- and developing 15 kW (20 bhp)ZEV mode (range of 3 km at 30 kph)
• Aerodynamic features
Flat undersideEnlarged air intakes at the frontTwo retractable rear airfoilsRear fixed-fin spoilerCd: 0.30CdA: 0.6 m²Cl: – 0.1
• Running gear Hydraulic suspensionDouble wishbone suspension on all four wheelsSpecial Michelin tyres: 255/40/R20
• Main equipmentFixed
-centred controls steering wheel
6-speed gearbox, manual mode controlled by steering-wheel paddles, or fully automatic mode controlled by a selection lever on the central column
Directional headlamps
Electrically adjustable steering wheel and pedal assemblyAluminium wheels with a central nut.

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