Friday, January 11, 2008

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the world’s fastest and most powerful exotic car: over 1,000 bhp and with a top speed of 248 mph !!

If you love sheer power, you’ll adore the Bugatti Veyron 16.4! It has a W-16 8.0 liter cylinder engine mid-mounted driving through a seven-speed semi-automatic gearbox to all four wheels – four-wheel drive is essential with this amount of power. It will still have about 250 bhp going through each tire!

The most powerful car you could possibly want?

Clearly, at the beginning of the project, Piech decided he didn’t want anyone moving the goalposts and putting his exotic supercar in the shade. So he sanctioned the production of a W-16 version of the W-12 used by Audi and bentely, producing an 8.0 liter engine. The reasoning was that with such a big engine no one else would be able to compete. Almost all exotic supercars manage with 6 liters, no more.

The amazing W-16 engine:

But what is a W-16 engine? Well, it is best to think first of a very narrow angle V-8, with just 15 degrees between banks of cylinders. Because the angle between the cylinders is so small, the top face of the whole V-8 cylinder block can be flat, although the pistons are each at 7.5 degrees to the vertical.To make a W-16, you combine two of these V-8 blocks into one, at 90 degrees to each other. So, the cylinder block looks like a wide V-8, but actually has 16 cylinders. The result is a very compact engine, smaller than V-12s of the same capacity, and not a great deal longer than a V-8 of 7 liters. But it’s not that simple. Because there are pairs of cylinders close to each other in each bank, the banks are very wide. With all that power being produced, there is a lot of heat to be got away from these very short but wide cylinder blocks. No problem with the W-12 at 550 bhp, but when you get to a W-16 producing 1,000 bhp stuffed into a short car that creates cooling problems on a massive scale. The engine may be very short, but the cooling is a problem.Also, because the cylinders are not at right angles to the cylinder block face, there is a little space left above the piston when the fuel is ignited, which is not ideal for combustion.

Special 7-speed version of DSG gearbox:

VW has developed a special version of its DSG semi-automatic gearbox for the Veuron 16.4. This is a massive box built specially for the engine, but using the DSG system from audi and VW models. Also, it has seven speeds, which makes a manual option impractical. Like the smaller DSG boxes, the system relies on the use of twin hydraulic clutches. The powertrain is installed in a carbon fiber structure of great strength, and to save weight, the panels are carbon fiber or aluminum. Suspension is fairly standard for an exotic supercar, with double wishbones and coil springs. There is the usual ABS and stability control, but this is a progressive system designed to allow the driver to explore the limits safely. It also controls the rear limited slip differential.

Simple interior:

Inside the car you get a simple layout with a small instrument panel in front of the three-spoke Bugatti wheel. The center console is covered with a milled aluminum panel and contains the minor instruments in a retro pattern. The stubby gear lever sticks out from the tunnel – buttons to select the various modes and reverse would seem more suitable. The interior looks good in tan, but I wasn’t so struck by the white. Rear vision looks as if it’s almost non-existent.

You’ll need about $1.3 million to buy one of these Bugattis without import duty, sales tax or whatever. Sure will be exclusive!!!

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